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The  Soul  of  Sustainable  Fashion

The Fashion world is now taking a stand of becoming more sustainable. Sustainability which has been the main trend for the last seasons, is from now on the new foundation on which we need to stand on.

In an imaginary scenery, nature is the new runway and the sound of the birds singing the show music. 

The artists behind this story are capturing fashion in its new path. A path of direction we need to proceed in order to save our magnificent planet. They are turning it in to an artform with a thoughtful and soulful message.

This story is a collaboration with stylist Annika Olmås Nordström, photographer Helén Karlsson, hairstylist/makeup artist Maria Oldenstedt and floral designer Fidan Durmaz. Models Gloria Ndrouke and Nathalie Brydolf.


The Power of a Flower

Every little thing in nature is there for a divine reason.
Every plant has a specific mission and its own unique personality, it is conceived into the tiniest details.

A flower does not either compete nor compare itself to any other flower.

It just blooms with dignity.

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A Soul of a Ballerina

Freedom and strengh through balance and movement.
Ballet is an artform touching the most profound
emotions both within the dancer and the audience.
It is also about expressing a sensuous, earthly and bodily desire. 

It has the soul of a wildcat, with its confident walking and gracefulness.

A deep grounding and free flowing feeling of joy and happiness.

The story "A Soul of Ballerinais a collaboration between Soul Image and the ballet dancer Sylvaine.

Soul of a Nomad 

A new era is dawning. An era where mother earth matters deeply. Deep down from her powerful roots to all her magical greens.  The plants, the flowers, the oceans and all the incredible wildlife she so gracefully provides for us, for her, for all. We are all connected in a beautiful weave. 

A new beginning of seeing life as our ancesters, the indigenous and native peoples view of life. The awe and respect for the magnificent pureness and power of planet earth – and the whole magical universe.

If we listen we can hear her whisper to us. We can hear them who have been here before us, the ones who are coming, the ones who are guiding us.

If we listen we can feel who we are deep down in our divine souls.

The story " Soul of a Nomad "is a collaboration between Soul Image and hairstylist/makeup artist Maria Oldenstedt.
Models: AnnSofi and Amanda Menendez Thomasson (Mother & Daughter)