Vintage frames are each unique, full of soul and history, and now ready to create new memories with you. 

It's almost like the frames have their own kind of personality, just like a little special friend - that's what we like about them.

We have always been collectors of antique frames and we are now very excited to be able to offer you a selection of our beautiful vintage frames.

Every frame is unique. You will find all the details and sizes under each frame.

Styling tips:

Let the frame do a cool framing of your art print even if the frame is bigger than the actual art print.

Creating a collage with different vintage frames, creates a personal and eclectic style, with a soulful vibe in your space.

A vintage frame is a piece of art by it self and it will look beautiful on your wall just as it is.

Always have look at the backside of the frame, you might be surprised and ending up liking the backside better.