The French Trumpet - Art Print

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Poster size:18x24cm  (7 x 9½ in)30x40cm  (11¾ x 15¾ in )50x70cm  (19¾ x 27½ in)Art print made by Soul Image. The French Trumpet"People,

Artikelnummer: 256

Poster size:

18x24cm  (7 x 9½ in)

30x40cm  (11¾ x 15¾ in )

50x70cm  (19¾ x 27½ in)

Art print made by Soul Image. 

The French Trumpet

"People, objects and things,
we all have a soul.

Imaging all the beautiful
and jazzy memories
of an old trumpet.

Imaging all the music it
has played.
Imaging all the people
it has touched deeply
by its powerful and
smooth rhythm & sound."

Each print comes with a beautiful written soulmessage.

Printed in Sweden on a climate friendly, premium design paper. The paper comes from a prestigious Swedish paper mill with a great history of making paper dating back nearly 300 years.

All the prints are signed by hand with our hand embossed Soul Image seal, to guarantee authenticity and making each print unique.

Frame is not included


It might be unfocused. 
It might be grainy.
That´s what we believe gives the art character, edge and soul.
Let’s call it the perfect imperfection.