Exclusive Limited Editions

​We are offering an exclusive limited edition of 25 fine art photo prints per image. These limited edition prints are numbered and embossed by hand with the Soul Image's seal, making each print unique. The print is also signed by the artists to guarantee authenticity. Printed on the highest quality papermaking material from Saunders Waterford. The paper has a great natural woollen felt texture and visually very beautiful raw edges. The 300 grams thickness of the paper and the raw edges makes it perfect for float framing. For ordering one of the exclusive edition prints please contact us or feel free to place an order through our web shop.
Size: 50x70cm (19¾ x 27½ in)



The Humbleness

"A Soul of a Ballerina"

Feeling humble yet so eager to express yourself in a powerful dance.

The Humleness